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About Company

life:) is GSM operator, founded by Astelit company in Ukraine on January of 2005. Today the company is not only one of the biggest players on the market, but also the leader in innovations implementation, development of attractive tariffs and services.

life:) was the first one to launch its commercial 3G+ network in Ukraine

On May 2015 life:) became the first company on the Ukrainian telecommunication market to launch third generation network in Ukraine on the basis of 3G+ technology. 3G+ standard is the peak of 3G evolution as of today. The latest 3G+ technology together with the most modern equipment and life:) best frequencies provides the downloading speed up to 63.3 Mbps. All the benefits of 3G+ are shown on 3g.life.ua.

13.8 million of Ukrainians use life:) services

life:) provides its subscribers with convenient services of high-quality, that contributes into the growth of its subscriber base. There are 6 life:) customer service centers and 190 exclusive life:) shops are working in 91 cities of Ukraine. In addition, the customers can order life:) services in 144 branded sales points and 30 108 other GSM and non-GSM sales points throughout Ukraine.

life:) networks cover the territory with 98,6% of the population of Ukraine

The operator's network covers the entire territory of our country, including remote corners of Ukraine. With the increase of voice and Internet data consumption inlife:) network, the operator is gradually expanding coverage. In 2015 life:) completed DWDM Network modernization and expansion project

life:) is one of the leaders in innovative services introduction

Entering the Ukrainian market, life:) was the first to introduce a number of services that became familiar to each subscriber. There are MeloRing, voice SMS, microSIM-cards etc. Today the operator continues its strategy, remaining the innovator in different areas of its activities.

life:) is an operator for your smartphone

The number of smartphone users is constantly growing in the operator's network. The penetration of smart devices at the end of Q3 2015 reached 45%. Penetration of 3G-devices 43.8%. Therefore, life:) is constantly creating new tariffs and services for this category of subscribers, as well as offering useful applications that open up new possibilities for managing cell line.

life:) is an operator of high speeds

Taking into account the growing penetration of smartphones in life:) network and, as a consequence, the increase subscribers' number who use 2G and 3G+ mobile Internet services, life:) is constantly increasing data rates and networks capacity. It allows customers of operator to remain in the Internet space anywhere in the country.

life:) - communication without borders

Roaming has always been and remains an important strategic area for the operator. life:) destroyed the stereotype that voice roaming is expensive, making it affordable for nearly every travelling subscriber. Moreover, the operator turned the mobile Internet service into popular roaming service, reducing the price of a megabyte of traffic in 100 times. Due to this, life:) subscribers travelling abroad can not only stay in touch with family and friends, but also visit their favorite websites, use email and post their photos and experiences in social networks. In order to provide comfortable roaming, life:) cooperates with 468 roaming partners in 196 countries.

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